1a Aerobic Shoes – Testimonials : Peiling Kong – Malaysia

Do they feel supportive?
I was given two pairs of shoes : the Butterfly and Butterfly Lite shoes. The Butterfly had more ankle support than the Butterfly Lite, but it was also a bit heavier/chunkier. Having said that, the Butterfly Lite did not have a thick sole (unlike the Reebok Princesses), so the risk of spraining one’s ankle is a lot less with the Butterfly Lite.

How are they for choreography?
Personally, I preferred the Butterfly Lite as it was lighter than Reebok Princesses and the Butterfly. The grip on wood was sufficient and I could push off/ ‘pop’ off the ground before my jumps. As the Butterfly Lite shoes were lighter, I had more control pushing off the floor and getting a bit more height in my jumps. The Butterfly Lite shoes were also more snug than Reebok Princesses and the Butterfly, where I almost felt like I was wearing a sock with rubber soles. The Butterfly was comfortable and also had sufficient grip. I didn’t have any problems with it, but it was slightly heavier. Nevertheless, it offered more support than the Butterfly Lite. ‘Pointing’ with the Lite shoes was easier/more visible than when wearing the Butterfly/ Reebok Princesses. I tend to be light on my feet and the Lite shoes enabled me to twist, turn and move across the floor easier than the Butterfly/ Reebok Princesses.

How are they for skills?
Both shoes were easy to kick in and offered support for jumps. But the Lite shoes were definitely easier to press in and lighter, which also helped with jumping. In terms of split landings, the Lite shoes had less material on the heel, which I found easier to land /slide. The Butterfly shoes provided a bit more ‘cushioning’ , which may be better for beginner athletes/younger athletes who may land heavier on their heels when first learning how to do split landings. The Butterfly shoes probably absorbed more shock /impact from jumps compared to the Lite shoes, but I felt like I had more control in my jumps with the Lite shoes.

How do they look?
The Lite shoes look more like Ballet slippers with rubber soles— flexible but provide enough support and are light, which I really like. I don’t feel like I’m dragging my feet in choreography/jumps. The Butterfly shoes are a little bit chunkier but they are definitely more supportive.

How do they compare to other sport aerobic shoes you have trained and competed in?
The Lite shoes are preferable compared to Reebok Princesses, as they are lighter and fit snugly around my feet. As I have rather narrow feet, my Reebok Princesses never fit properly as they would stretch/ be a tad too big for me despite wearing size 5s- the smallest size manufactured! The Butterfly is probably more similar to Reebok Princesses but fits better and have more ankle support. I have to strap my ankles when wearing Reebok Princesses as I sprain/roll my ankles due to the nature of the shoes. But with the Lite and Butterfly shoes, I have been able to train without strapping which is refreshing.

How do they compare to other shoes (athletic) shoes that you train in?
Both shoes are lighter than normal sport shoes and not as chunky. I could run in the Butterfly shoes-which may be useful if an athlete wants to cross train/ run for warm ups before routine training. The Lite shoes would be the closest thing to a ‘true competition Aerobics shoe’ if there ever was one. The Reebok Princesses were never manufactured for athletes- they are old women walking shoes! Needless to say, I am a fan of the Lite shoes!

Would you recommend them to other Sport Aerobic Athletes, and why?
Yes definitely. The Lite shoes offers the support, grip, aesthetics and functionality of an aerobics shoe. I didn’t have to worry about rolling my ankle or getting ‘stuck’ on the wood in split landings. It is also light and most importantly, you can see the ‘point’ in your foot as the material is less rigid and the sole is flexible. The Butterfly is more supportive for younger athletes and has more ankle support than previous shoes I’ve trained/competed in. I found that I had to ‘break into’ my Reebok Princesses as the leather is stiffer on the shoes. The Butterfly and Lite shoes didn’t really need ‘breaking into’ and saves you from a few blisters too!