7:00pm on Tuesday 12th December

Instructions on how to RSVP can be found here https://2023nzcafagm.rsvpify.com


  1. Welcome and reading of agenda – NZCAF President, Sean Cresswell
  2. Receive the minutes of the previous Annual General Meeting [Document link]
  3. Presentation of Executive Committee Reports
    • NZCAF Treasurer, Meg Sutton (acting)
    • Head of Technical Committee, Gemma Lowther
    • NZCAF President, Sean Cresswell
  4. Receive the balance sheet and statement of income and expenditure for the past year and the estimate of income and expenditure for the current year.
  5. Special business
  6. Election of officers and other ordinary members of the Executive Committee of the Society.
    • All elected executive members are retiring at this AGM
    • Vacant positions eligible for election
    • Nomination form
      Nominations close 5pm on Tuesday 12th December
    • Note: If there are insufficient nominations to fill the vacant positions on the Executive Committee, oral nominations may be received at the Annual General Meeting, provided that no member will be elected who has not consented to being nominated.
  7. Appoint an auditor of the Society’s accounts.
  8. General business


As part of the Annual General Meeting financial, life, and executive members are able to cast votes in elections and special business items.

Where a financial member is not able to attend the AGM, their voting right may be transferred to another financial member of the society. Voting transfers must be completed prior to the AGM using h form.

Voting transfer form

Financial members under 18 years of age

  • Where financial members are under the age of 18, a parent or legal guardian may vote on their behalf.
  • Where that parent or legal guardian is not able to attend the AGM, the voting write may be transferred to another financial member of the society following the process above.