1a Aerobic Shoes – Testimonials : Cassie Scully – Australia

Do they feel supportive?
I was concerned about the sole when landing in jumps – but they are fine

How are they for choreography?
Chore they are fine- no problem at all- they are soooo light which works great, grip is great, they are supportive and comfortable

How are they for skills?
All skills they work fab- as I mentioned earlier my only concern was with jumps- thought the sole would be too thin and would hurt to land- but they were fine..they are soooo much lighter than the reeboks which is a big plus! they are really nice to point in also

How do they look?
I like these better- they “look” better- way more stylish, they are lighter-huge tick, you can point easy in them

How do they compare to other sport aerobic shoes you have trained and competed in?
The sole on my other shoes I train in are better-only factor- they are really soft, bit thicker than these ones but still light as

How do they compare to other shoes (athletic) shoes that you train in?
Both shoes are lighter than normal sport shoes and not as chunky. I could run in the Butterfly shoes-which may be useful if an athlete wants to cross train/ run for warm ups before routine training. The Lite shoes would be the closest thing to a ‘true competition Aerobics shoe’ if there ever was one. The Reebok Princesses were never manufactured for athletes- they are old women walking shoes! Needless to say, I am a fan of the Lite shoes!

Would you recommend them to other Sport Aerobic Athletes, and why?
I would definetly- more stylish, point factor, light weight, support