AGM / hui a tau

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) occurs during the NZCAF National Championship, and is open to all NZCAF members. All current NZCAF members are able to vote at the AGM.

A member who wishes to bring any business before an Annual General Meeting shall give notice in writing of that business to the NZCAF Secretary for inclusion on the agenda.

Transfer of voting ability

A member may choose to be represented at the AGM by another NZCAF member, by notifying the NZCAF Secretary in writing before the meeting.

Members under 16 years of age

The voting abilities of a member who is under the age of 16, automatically pass to that athlete’s parent or guardian.
The athlete’s parent or guardian may transfer this voting ability to a coach, school organiser, or NZCAF member by following the process detailed above.

This was passed by a meeting of the NZCAF Executive Committee on the 1st of February 2012, and applies from this date onwards.