2019 Nationals Measles Advice

Updated 10 September 2019

We are absolutely dedicated to making the 2019 National Championships as safe and enjoyable as possible for all competitors and supporters. 
If a competitor, supporter or official has measles, they are not allowed to attend the 2019 National Championships. 

We have published the following advice and recommendation for the event

We have been in touch with the SDHB Emergency Operation Centre (EOC) today.
The EOC has provided this advice to us as a ‘large event’:

The EOC are asking that non-vaccinated individuals do not travel to Queenstown.
This applies to all travellers, not just those involved in the 2019 National Championships.
Currently the district health board is aiming to contain the Queenstown measles outbreak and stop it spreading into other areas.

All managers, parents/caregivers and coaches of athletes attending the event must review the above documents.


If someone in your group is in contact with a confirmed case, or you suspect they might have measles;

  • you need to isolate the person until you know for sure.
  • do not go to the medical centre or emergency department, call ahead for advice
    • Queenstown Medical Centre on 03 441 0500
    • Healthline on 0800 611 116.
  • if the person has travelled with a group, or attended the event – please advise the event organiser urgently (021 554 083) so that we can pass information on to other groups.

If you are not vaccinated, and have contact with a measles case, you need to be isolated for 14 days.

Source : https://www.southernhealth.nz/publications/media-release-queenstown-measles-update-9-september