Music instructions

Music needs to be uploaded before Monday the 7th of September.

You need to change the properties of the file before uploading it.
This makes the job of the music technician MUCH easier.

How to change the properties on your file

  • In Windows:
    • Right click on the file, and select PropertiespropertiesWindows
    • On the details tab
      Change the ‘title’ to be the athlete, team, or crew name
      Change the ‘album’ to be the category (using the list of categories here)propertiesWindows2
  • On Mac

How to upload your music

You may use this form as many times as you need to upload the music

Bring back up music

You should bring a back-up copy of your music to the event.
Either on a USB, or on a CD
Coaches and managers should hold on to these during the event weekend.