About FISAF & Hip Hop Unite

FISAF International is an international, independent, democratic and non-profit federation dedicated to sports aerobics, fitness and hip hop and the development of the aerobic and fitness industry on an international level. The New Zealand Competitive Aerobics Federation (NZCAF) is a member of FISAF International, and administers all FISAF Sport Aerobics, Fitness, and Hip Hop Unite qualifiers and championships held in New Zealand.

Each year FISAF International runs a World Championship event; covering Sport Aerobics, Step, Fitness and Hip Hop.
New Zealand has proudly competed in these events for many years, and each year NZCAF sanctions two New Zealand National Championships. These championships act as selection events, where the New Zealand team is selected for that years FISAF Fitness and Hip Hop World Championship.

On this website you’ll find information on the qualifiers, the event rules and regulations, and the team representing New Zealand. If you have any questions about FISAF and Hip Hop Unite in New Zealand, please email FISAF@NZCAF.com.


Emily Lawn – Representing New Zealand in Vienna 2016