NZCAF Rules & Technical Regulations

If you have any questions, please get in touch with the NZCAF Technical Committee.

Hip Hop Rules and Regulations can be found at

NZCAF Competition Rules & Guidelines

These apply to all NZCAF competitions including;
– The National Schools Aerobics Competition Series (NSAC)

NZCAF Technical Regulations

Pre-choreographed Aerobics Individuals & Teams

Sport Aerobic Individuals & Teams

Fitness Teams

Special Exemptions – Application Forms

Grade Change Application for NZCAF Sport Aerobic Individuals

Grade changes may be applied for by submitting the form below prior to the end of term one.

  • NZCAF Grade Change Application Process .pdf or .docx

Qualifying Out of Region

Use of the NZCAF Rules & Technical Regulations

The NZCAF Technical Regulations and accompanying documents are the property of the New Zealand Competitive Aerobics Federation (NZCAF), and as such must not be copied from or modified.
For all events outside of the National Schools Aerobics Competition, and National Schools Hip Hop Competition; permission must be obtained from the NZCAF Executive Committee in order to use the NZCAF Technical Regulations at an event, in any form.

How to use the NZCAF Technical Regulations at an event

FISAF Rules & Regulations

FISAF International rules and regulations are available on the FISAF International website