PreChoreographed Routines

The Pre-Choreographed Aerobic routines are exactly how they sound… introductory routines that include the basic aerobic steps and skills that all sport aerobics routines are based on, all pre-prepared for you by our Technical Committee.

These routines have been developed to assist beginning coaches, school teachers and athletes with the choreography process. They can be used in the Pre-Choreographed Aerobic Sections of the National Schools Aerobic Competition.

In 2019 we added two more routines for Intermediate and Secondary athletes!
Meaning there is now a choice of four routines for Intermediate and Secondary athletes and two routines for Primary athletes.

The package includes full written notes of the routine (including leg-lines, arm-lines, skills and transitions) as well as video recordings of each routine (broken into thirds, with & without music, facing the front and back) and music.

There are two optional sections of 8-counts each, and you can make some skills harder/easier so you can add your own flare and difficulty level, but overall the routine is all done for you!

It couldn’t be easier to start aerobics with these routines!
Check out the routines below, and the current technical regulations.
If you need more information or help using the routines, get in touch with

Who is it for?

  • Schools/Clubs who want to begin their competitive aerobics journey but don’t know where to start
  • Schools who do activities like Jump Jam and want to try something different
  • Athletes who are brand new to aerobics and aren’t quite ready for the Novice category
  • Coaches who have new athletes and not enough time to choreograph individual routines for them all!

Why did we create it?

  • To add an extra introductory step to our categories
  • To help new athletes/coaches/teachers/schools/clubs get into aerobics without the pressure of choreographing their own routines
  • To take pressure off coaches with a lot of athletes to choreograph for
  • To grow school aerobics in New Zealand and give everyone the opportunity to try the amazing sport of aerobics!

The routines


Intermediate & Secondary

Technical Regulations