1a Aerobic Shoes – Testimonials : Grace Sutherland – Australia

Do they feel supportive?
The smaller shoes feel fantastic! They fit my foot perfectly and feel like i am almost just barefoot. They also have some spring in them and I have not rolled my ankle once when training in them, thus proving that they are supportive. The sides of the shoe are very firm so it is very supportive.The larger shoes are also supportive, probably more supportive than the smaller shoes because the come up higher round the ankle. They are probably almost too firm to perform a higher level sports aerobics in but they would be ideal for a sports aerobics school team.

How are they for choreography?
The smaller shoes are great for choreography, I love them. They are firm on the sides so I don’t have to worry about rolling my ankles but they are quite flexible along the bottom so I am able to point my toes. They also have grip along the bottom of the shoe which stops me from slipping during choreography.

The larger shoes are slightly inflexible and it is very difficult to point my toes in them. They are also heavier and don’t feel as graceful when travelling around the stage and landing jumps. However they have good grip so you don’t slip over.

How are they for skills?
The smaller shoes are perfect for skills, they are actually amazing. They are light so very easy to press and jump in. In feet to feet landings they are really bouncy and springy and even though the base of the shoe is quite thin it doesn’t feel like that at all and feels quite spungy and absorbing when I land. In split landings they slide perfectly because the front of the shoe slides really easily and they are supportive for pushup landings. They are also great for leaps because the have good grip.

The larger shoes are okay for basic skills but aren’t as good as the smaller shoes. They are a bit heavier making pressing and jumping a little bit harder. The don’t slide aswell either and pushup landings are fine except the shoes are a little bit heavier than the other ones making the jump slightly harder.

How do they look?
Both shoes look great! They smaller shoes look nice and pretty because they are small and delicate. The larger shoes have the side sections where you can change colour which would be appealing to younger kids.

How do they compare to other sport aerobic shoes you have trained and competed in?
The smaller shoes are actually better than the reebok princesses that I have previously competed in but the other larger shoes are worse than both the reeboks and the smaller shoes, but only in terms of elite sports aerobics. For school teams I think the larger shoes would be perfect as often parents don’t want to buy reebok princesses as they are expensive, so these would be a great alternative. When I did school team back in 2004 I had little white runners and in comparison to them the larger shoes are much better.

How do they compare to other shoes (athletic) shoes that you train in?
Well neither shoes are as supportive and absorbent as normal runners because they are designed to run on concrete but in saying that they are also lighter so it is hard to compare. I wouldn’t run in either shoe but I also wouldn’t train in any of my runners.

Would you recommend them to other Sport Aerobic Athletes, and why?
I would absolutely recommend the smaller shoes, I love them so much and I plan on competiting in them. I also would recommend the larger shoes to school teams but not to international sport aerobics athletes.