Information for teachers, coaches & managers

Updated 8 February 2023

A smoke, drug, and alcohol free event

As a schools based competition series, we are committed to providing a smoke, drug and alcohol free event.

Any participants, including coaches, found to be in breach of this may be asked to leave the venue immediately.


Lists of qualifiers will be collected from regionals.

Schools and clubs will then be asked to confirm their entries.

Withdrawal policy
Withdrawals after 26 August will not be refunded.
Compassionate consideration will be given to withdrawals due to illness.


In order to manage the number of people backstage, athletes and coaches will be issued coloured wristbands.

Backstage area information

Please limit the amount of gear brought in to this space, and keep gear to the sides of the room to allow maximum clear space for others to warm up.


Athletes must be present and ready at least 15 mins prior to their performance.

Our backstage managers will be looking for athletes in the warm up space as their categories approach.

Athletes and coaches are responsible for ensuring they are at the venue with enough time for their performance. 

Please be aware that the times in the timetable are a guide only. Due to the nature of the event, we may run slightly early or late throughout the weekend. 

For health and safety purposes, we ask that athletes exit the backstage areas after they have finished performing.

Leaving & re-entering the venue

Athletes are permitted to leave and return to the venue throughout the event.

Athletes watching

Athletes will be able to watch from the audience seating.


We are endeavouring to have photographers present on day one, and a photo booth available on day two.

Health & Well-being

We ask that if anyone in your group (athlete, supporter, coach etc) stay away from the event if they are feeling unwell.

If a member of your group becomes unwell during the event, or within the two weeks after the event, please inform the event manager.