2019 FISAF World Fitness & Hip Hop Unite Championships

The 2019 FISAF World Championships will be held from the 10th till 12th of October in ECC Leiden, The Netherlands.

Each year the best Sport Aerobic Individuals, Teams and Hip Hop crews are selected to represent New Zealand at the FISAF and Hip Hop Unite World Championship.
This year the World Championships are being held in The Netherlands.

The New Zealand Competitive Aerobics Federation (NZCAF) is the official FISAF International member for New Zealand, we administer the events where New Zealand FISAF Sport Aerobic and Hip Hop Unite Team are selected.

2019 New Zealand FISAF & Hip Hop Unite Team

Sport Aerobics

  • Senior Individual Female
    • Kylie Lyders
  • Cadet Individual Female
    • Saige Evans
  • Masters Individual Female
    • Abby Cochrane
    • Emily Lawn

Hip Hop

  • to be announced