Kick Start

A new series of events aimed to give athletes performance opportunities, feedback and workshops ahead of the regional competitions


  • Otago – 4th May, Otago Girls High School
  • Wellington – 12th May, , Queen Margaret College


Please note: Due to time constraints, entry numbers will be limited. Each event is limited to 100 routines.
Entry is based on “first come first served”

Which event to attend?

  • Kick Start Advanced
    • U16, U19, 19+ Open Sports Aerobics Individuals & Teams
    • FISAF Individuals, Duos and Trios
    • FISAF Fitness teams (Those competing for selection)
  • Kick Start Novice
    • Novice Sports Aerobics Individuals & Teams
    • U12, U14 Open Sports Aerobics Individuals & Teams
    • NZCAF and FISAF Fitness Teams (not already attending a Kick Start Advanced)

Event format

The goal of these events is to support athletes, coaches, and parents to Kick Start their Aerobics season

  • Small judging panel; three NZCAF judges
  • Gym floor style competition
  • One round of competition, with no placings announced
  • Performance feedback provided to athletes and coaches
  • Awards for ‘stand out’ routine in each criteria
  • Workshops during the day for athletes and coaches

Entry fees

  • $35 first entry per athlete competing
  • $15 second and subsequent entry
  • $10 workshop only (Coach/Supporter/non competing athlete)

Entry form system

We are using a new entry system which will collect payment via credit card.

Our preference is that entries are paid by credit card – but please contact us if you need an alternative method of payment.

Please note, all athletes entering need to have a “First Entry”, and if they are doing two routines they need a “Second entry” as well.


What if I don’t have a full routine?

As it is early in the season, we know that not all athletes will have finished their routine.

If you are finishing “early” – don’t just run off the stage. Make it clear that you have finished by stopping and presenting before walking off the performance space.

We will fade the music down once you have presented to indicate you are finished.

Do spectators need tickets?

No. The event is free for spectators

Can athletes watch before/after performing?

Yes. but space will be limited. 

We ask that parents and coaches of the category performing are given priority for seats. 

When do we need to arrive?

Please arrive at least 45 minutes before your category is timetabled to start.

Is there a briefing?

No. There is no athlete or coach briefing

Is there registration?

No. There is no official registration. Instead, athletes and coaches are asked to mark themselves as “present” by using the checklist inside the venue door.

Will there be a marshall?

There is no marshalling. 

Coaches and athletes are responsible for keeping track of where in the timetable we are up to, and being side stage 2-3 routines prior to your performance.

Do I need a full costume / hair and makeup?

No. Form fitting, tidy training gear is fine e.g. singlet and leggings is ok. However if you prefer to perform in your competition attire, that is fine.

Hair and makeup space will be limited at the venue. Please do all hair and make up before arriving.

Do we need to stay onsite?

After performing, you are welcome to leave the venue.

Awards will be presented after the lunch break, before the start of the workshops.

Do I need to upload music?

Yes! We will email instructions closer to the events.