Entry Fees & Payment Instructions

Please note – your coach/school/club will be invoiced for payment.
Please consult with them before making payment.

Sport Aerobic Individual Categories

Sport Aerobics Individuals $35.00, per person, per event
Second and subsequent entry * $10.00, per person, per event
Late Fee ** $10.00, per person, per event

Sport Aerobics & Fitness Team categories

2-8 competitors $35.00 each / max $180
Late Fee ** $10.00, per person, per event

Hip Hop Crews

per dancer $20.00
Late Fee ** $10.00, per person, per event

* Second & subsequent entries:
If you are also entering into the event as part of a team you are required to pay the ‘subsequent entry fee’ for your individual¬†entry.
e.g. $35 for your team entry, and $10 for your individual entry

** Applies to any entry received after 5pm September 3rd (without prior notification to the event organiser)

Payment options

Direct Credit

Sean Cresswell

Please use your invoice number as a the reference when you make payment