3rd June
Cobham Intermediate, Christchurch

$20 for two workshops – places limited!

Workshop 1
Vivi Lattimore, coach of International Australian athletes for more than 20 years will present a workshop focusing on Artistic Expression. This workshop will help FitnessTeams, Trio/Duos and Individuals develop a better understanding of visual image, music interpretation and presentation.
Target audience: NZCAF Division 1 and FISAF level athletes

Workshop 2
Annelise Lowther and Kristy Snoep, coach of New Zealand international FISAF athletes, will present at a workshop on execution, technique and artistic quality. The focus of this workshop is designed for athletes to develop a stronger understanding of the requirements of correct technique for aerobic execution and how to present movement with clarity, to show artistry in performance.

Target audience: NZCAF Division 3-1

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Please note – all workshop attendees need to purchase a ticket


Arrive from 945

10:15am – Workshop 1, Vivi Lattimore

11:15am – Workshop 2, Annelise Lowther and Kirsty Snoep

12:00pm – Workshops conclude