A guide to choosing good Sport Aerobics music

Music Criteria

As part of their judging, the Artistic Judge will assess a routine for the following Music criteria.


  • A clear strong discernable beat must be present throughout the entire piece of music
  • A suitable BPM (beat per minute) to be used depending upon lever length and ability of the athlete/s
  • A recommended suitable BPM is within 148 – 155 as this sport is based upon High Impact Aerobics
  • The same BPM must be used throughout the entire routine


Using a piece of music that has a large variety of structure

  • Verse
  • Chorus
  • Instrumental sections
  • Rhythms
  • Bridge
  • Pre chorus
  • Instruments
  • Vocals
  • Theme/character


The ‘art’ of this sport is being able to choreograph to a piece of music without the need to majorly edit it. If good music selection is made using a suitable BPM and a good variety of structure then the need to edit the music should be minimal.

  • Sounds effects should be minimal and the music should dictate where sequence choreography, transitions and elements are placed rather than the sound effect.
  • If a background instrumental or obvious addition of some sort is added to the music, it would tend to suggest the music selection is not a good one.
  • Medleys and themes are acceptable.

Music Editing Contacts

Editing an Aerobics track for a routine can be hard work.
Our Music Editing Contacts page contains the contact details for people who have mastered this art, and are available to help you get a great track for your routine.