Free Fall Progressions

Check out our training videos on progression to free falls
Thank you Abby Jane and Gemma for their work producing these videos

Freefalls Progressions

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10 steps to learning how to do a jump to push up such as a shushunova.

  1. Push ups
  2. Push up claps
  3. Fall from knees
  4. Push up with a pause
  5. Fall from knees with a pause
  6. Fall from wide stance
  7. Fall from feet together
  8. From one leg with a little jump
  9. From a little jump
  10. Tuck to push up

Flying Push Ups

The correct technique for a Flying Push Up:
It should be a smooth movement from ‘flying’ to full push up. 

Drop to Split Progressions

Here are some steps to help you progress your drops to split.

  1. Drops to lunge: focus on keeping your back knee turned-in to face the ground and your hips square, so that you progress towards correctly turned-in splits (eventually with shoelaces to the floor).
  2. Drop to slide out to split: this is why Gemma is in socks – use the slipperiness of the socks and a mat so that you can gently slide down into splits. Keep aiming to have your knee and the top of your foot directly down to the floor.
  3. Add a jump before you drop: you want to start progressing towards landing in full split (with no slide) as this is correct technique. So you need to squeeze and hold the split position in the air so that you land in full split (not feet first). Obviously, you’ll need to do it in shoes which aren’t that slippery so getting out to full split first helps when you put your shoes on.
    To protect your elbows, avoid injury and reduce the impact, you need to stretch your fingers towards the floor too (in a push-up position, with fingers slightly turned in). You should absorb some of the impact with a little push-up catch and a bit of a bend at the hips so your upper body moves forward a little. Your body should not go below a 45 degree angle but it’s perfectly ok to bend a little (and is encouraged to reduce injury by absorbing the shock of hitting the floor, but do use the strength in your arms to also take some of the impact).
  4. Tuck to split: once you’ve nailed all the tips above, start doing bigger jumps before the drop. You can start with a tuck then move into a wolf/cossack to split, or a pirouette jump to split, etc. etc!