Music Editing Contacts

Editing an Aerobics track for a routine can be hard work.
This page contains the contact details for people who have mastered this art, and are available to help you get a great track for your routine.

Please contact us if you would like to have your details added to this page.

Jess Gibson :

Lucy Dallison :

Vescence Audio

vescence audio

Vescence Audio is able to creatively transform virtually any pop hit into a high energy track that complies with NZCAF music requirements.

Speeding music up often leads to severe degradation of audio. Our advanced software tools are able to do this without compromising audio quality.

We are also able to enhance any track that may lack a discernible beat by adding a studio quality techno rhythm to it, thus creating a wider range of song options available to the student.

Our engineer is a creative, well rounded musician with years of experience in music production and specializes in creating coherent and effective song arrangements. Cutting a song from up to and even beyond 10 minutes down to under 2 minutes is not a problem, and will always result in a complete sounding track to fit any routine.

Price of service per track begins at $45 depending on complexity, + cost of track purchase from iTunes (iTunes usually charges up to $2.39 for a single).
Track Medley’s begin at $80 for two tracks, then + $25 for every extra track in the mix.

Submit a request via email to for a quote, stating the following requirements:

  • The Title and artist of the song
  • BPM requirement
  • Required performance duration
  • Any requests regarding particular sections of the song that need to be preserved (optional)

Standard audio format for the end product will be 320kbps mp3 (high quality mp3) .m4a is available on request.

Standard delivery is via download link over email. A customer may request to have the track delivered via email attachment, or on CD (subject to extra cost).