Example Routines

These example routines have been choreographed by experienced athletes and coaches for use within the Sport Aerobic and Fitness sections of the National School Aerobics competition.

Note: they can not be used in the PreChoreographed Section.

Sport Aerobic Routines

These routines been designed for either our primary, intermediate or secondary novice categories within the Sport Aerobic section. They can be adapted for individuals or teams.

Fitness Routines

These routines been designed for the Fitness section.

  • Routine One – “Girls”
  • Routine Two – “Tarzan & Jane”
  • Routine Three – “Glee” (Released 2017)

How to use the routines and choreography

Watch the videos:
Each routine has been videoed in blocks. Each block is 32 counts, with a front and reverse view.
You can watch them online or download the videos on to your computer.

Read the choreography notes:
The routines come with choreography notes that make learning combinations simple and straight forward.

Choose your music:
Check out our Guide for choosing music.

Learn it, and then change it:
We recommend learning the routines block by block. Blocks can then be arranged in any order to fit with your chosen music

Check out the training resources for some tips and guides for training and competition preparation.
Once you’ve learnt the routine and feel confident performing it, we recommend you change it up a bit to make it your own.

  • add different arm lines
  • change the direction of the choreography
  • add new skill moves

(But remember to keep to the Technical Regulations.)

If you would like to help us grow this resource, and are interested in supplying an example routine we’d love to hear from you! Please get in touch.